It only worked well in Cubase Why this extra step? You can customize these instructions to your own preferences. Is it a cable? Check out the accompanying video for more information on this feature, and good luck.

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Is it possible that you’re hearing the Motif GM set? RobertB Max Output Level: One More Thing Master Mode also lets you augment your keyboard sounds by hooking up your Motif to other keyboards or sound modules.

Picking A Omtif System.

Connecting External Midi Instruments – Yamaha MOTIF XF Reference Manual [Page 38]

The USB connection requires a two-way, two port communication. And, you can mix both the midi from the audio engine of the MOXF and the audio you recorded in sonar together with soft synths.

Essentials Only Full Version. Sanderxpander Max Output Level: Cubase will ask you to select a directory for your Project. This data will be bundled and Saved. When you are restoring a previously saved Cubase Mifi you will want the Editor to send your saved data back to the Motif XF.

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You need to have the audio outputs of the Motif connected to your soundcard’s audio input. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Why this extra step?

I have checked and rechecked all of my midi settings and everything appears to be in order. Sounds like you’re going to have to spend some quality time with the Motif’s user manual. At the top of the screen, you can select what mode you want to browse through. You can use it as a soundcard that way.

This is pretty cool…. You need the firewire card for it. Matt Vanacoro More articles by this author.

I also have full DAW control from the keyboard. The keyboard is not involved in that routing. I think what you’re hearing on playback of existing MIDI is the output of your soundcard’s GS Wavetable synth going directly to the speakers.

Thanks again so much for helping out. Create an account or login to get started!

Motif XF USB-MIDI Setup Macintosh

When I playback midi files from Sonar it does not control my keyboard. I don’t have everything fully working yet but I feel I am going in the right direction thanks to your mici.


It will do the same thing when I create a New Project. Getting back to C5’s response. There are two things to consider: It will then ask you if want to restore this to your hardware.

I also de-selected the Yamaha audio playback drivers in the Sonar audio preference section.

I include USB in the description because this template will configure my connections via USB; I have a separate template for when I am working with the firewire connection. Do I need some type cf midi adapter cable? If you have installed more than ten midi devices ever, since the history of your computer, and the same device on a different USB port counts twice!