Must be one of the drawbacks of a dark vision. This was too much for me. Reinstalling the latest version didn’t work. But then, again like others here, the erratic movement started. The cruise buttons work properly and control the window the mouse is over.

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Our pick of the top Chrome OS laptops. It took probably less than I thought it might be a simple job of repacing the fuse, but the plug has a sealed fuse.

Now, that button frequently doesn’t register a click and won’t allow a click-and-hold. I even have been accused of hacking because when my mouse goes nuts, people who are observing me see it jump around wildly now and then.

Logitech Mx1000 Laser Cordless Mouse 931175-0403

So it was a good run while it lasted, but I would expect it’s useful life to be longer. Maybe something to do with interference, although I tried to move the base station away from TV, computer etc, but didn’t help. Heck I had one customer buy a second one for her laptop! It is a backwards step from the MX which seemed to allow many more assignments to the buttons that the MX does.

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Logitech Mx Laser Cordless Mouse | eBay

I’m a happy man again! Couple that with the switch application button in the middle and you can sometimes find yourself switching programs when all you wanted to do was go forward. I’m going to go back to my old ball mouse because it crapped on the MX It is awesome, lots of buttons well-placed, good quality, and all The pattern appearing on the sensor reveals details on any surface, even glossy surfaces that would look totally uniform when exposed to the LED incoherent illumination.

Not suitable for my hand. First thing that went was the left mouse button. I am using it with the laptops internal bluetooth antenna. You may want to try this. While you might enjoy the smooth mouse motion at first, with very little use you might find as I did that the feet on which this mouse glides become scuffed and very soon begin to deposit a sticky substance on the desk surface which ultimately inhibites the smooth operation of this mouse. As a gamer, it is quite the drag to find your self not being able to control your mouse, or worse yet, the mouse controlling you, eg: I noticed Logitech has setup a phone number exclusively for customers with this problem.

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The last few weeks I’ve had the same problem as you.

Put it in the cradle, nothing. The mouse also presents a series of buttons alongside the usual left and right.

Never used to do that on my old PC. An understated laptop with plenty of gaming grit. Also one of the gaming mousepads I own that cause my mx to skip works flawlessly with mx Monotonic surfaces were used for consistency in results. However, I am most disappointed with the software. It’s very ergonomic and precise in its movements.

However, the first problem I had was that the mouse pads kept falling off. But seems to be fine now.

Plugged the Logitech optical that I’ve been using for the last three years into another usb port with the mx still plugged in to it’s usb port and used them both, alternately. Think I might stay away from Logitech mice. I replaced my MX with a yesterday.