How “silent” is it? I am leaning toward either the DigiR or the M-box2Pro, haven’t decided which yet. Good thing I don’t actually use it I think these processors are great. I have a few questions in regard to my building my DuoCore System. Put a BIOS file on it. I have been planning this system for a month so it is nice to get some payoff!

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If I designate my second PCI-e slot as the primary display it still doesn’t detect it.

Thnx Can you please make a new thread with all this info, so we can better help you. Installed the memory taking all due static precautions and then nothing worked.

In fact heat was the only issue – no errors. No, because there are significant differences in the unmodified dsdt. Start the machine, press the tab key at the logo screen, then the delete key at the post screen, then in the main menu press the F12 key to select your saved BIOS settings. I have some DDR I got win 7 64bit installed.


It looks like alot of you like either the E or E, I am still keeping it open. I downloaded the Thank your for your help.

Do you find any gitabyte noise coming thru the onboard sound? Thanks, Allen hey allen. We would suggest you to look into other components as well” I was in Melbourne for xmas and we had snow in the garden!!!!

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The system no longer recognize the memory, I fix giggabyte after I pull one module out. For the question i had in this post: I’ll post an update once the utility finishes creating the array. And ASRock seems too risky for me?

Or point the Windows 7 to it. Check out support downloads on their website,I don’t want to speak for Digi but I’m pretty sure.

I see you have some soft synth software, do they behave nicely when PT is running? Oh and, I did a search for: But as i’ve previously stated very driver dependent – the latest ASUS drivers made ga-957p-s3 go bad so i downgraded. So I went with this setup. Tjkili, how soon are you thinking? My old system was a P4 3. The Nexus mm fans are also super quiet. Plug and Play Monitor Adapter: Get a template from my signature so you can give me your full settings, then I will advise back Your warranty will be fine if you open your PC, don’t be scared of that at all.

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GAP-S3 (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Heya sunburst79, I know the feeling only too well. In the folder go to “Drivers” and copy x32 or x64 iaStor. It also allows me to raise and lower the cpu multipliers on each core. It may be that the best seat in the house for Protools is on a cost effective board, with some good but not the most expensive ccomponents.

I have never recorded a thing in my life and am total newbie. Bob Legs dverbs, outstanding!